"Worship In Everything You Do" Tee

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Sizes: Men (S-3XL), Women (S-3XL), Youth (2-12)

This Worship Logo shirt in distressed black is the perfect gift for the Christian musician or music lover in your life. Featuring our Worship In Everything You Do® logo, this shirt celebrates the fact that all creation worships, and we can worship God in everything that we do! This Christian shirt is a great conversation starter and ideal for church gatherings, worship services, or when gathering with family & friends. We designed our Worship Logo shirt to look good regardless of the event and to be a great icebreaker. It is a great gift for the musician in your life! Buy one today! About the "Worship In Everything You Do" project: What started out as a simple question "What is Worship?" turned into a daily challenge for us to remember that God loves us so much that He not only sent His Son to redeem us, but He wants to spend every moment with us - if we let Him. It was then that we realized that God wants to be included in everything we do, whether it is cooking, bicycling, or just reading a book. God wants to share these precious moments with us every day. That's why we created the Worship In Everything You Do apparel line. The concept is simple, but it can also be life-changing. We found that we often left God out of many of our favorite activities because we thought He had other more important things to do, which could not be further from the truth. God wants to spend every moment with us, and we want to challenge you to include Him in everything you do. Every is meant to lift you up and provide a meaningful conversation starter for believers and non-believers alike!