Birds Singing Worship Tee

Price: $19.99 + FREE Shipping
Sizes: Women (S-3XL), Youth (2-12)

Pick your choice of pink, green, or silver birds for this acoustic worship t-shirt! This "Birds Singing Worship Tee" is the perfect gift for the music lover, nature lover, or bird lover in your life. Featuring our Worship In Everything You Do™ logo underneath our hand drawn birds singing design, this joyful shirt celebrates anyone who loves music, nature, and animals, and is a great reminder that we can worship God in everything that we do. He loves to be with us in every moment, - even when enjoying his creation. This Birds Singing Worship T-Shirt is a great conversation starter. This shirt is ideal for enjoying the outdoors, home gatherings, or when you are with family & friends. We designed our Birds Singing shirt to look good regardless of the event and to be a great icebreaker. This shirt is great for sharing your faith year-round!