Joy of Ice Skating Tee

Price: $19.99 + FREE Shipping
Sizes: Women (S-3XL), Youth (2-12)

Our Ice Skating Tee with snow-capped mountains and trees, is perfect for anyone who loves ice skating and the outdoors, ice skating accessories and tees, or simply love the smell of fresh snow. Featuring our Worship In Everything You Do® logo on the front underneath our hand drawn design with a girl ice skating among snow-capped mountains and trees, this ice skating shirt celebrates anyone who loves to ice skate, and is a great reminder that we can worship God in everything that we do. He loves to be with us in every moment, - even while ice skating and spending time outdoors, skiing, hiking, or just reading a book! This ice skating tee is a great conversation starter. This shirt is ideal for enjoying the outdoor or when you are with family & friends. We designed our shirts to look good regardless of the event and to be a great icebreaker. These shirts are perfect for sharing your faith year-round!